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09:31 ivvvoo:

Sleep Walking by Sky Noir

09:29 humansofnewyork:

"One of the magical things about theater is that it gathers a crowd of people in a quiet space, and each member of the audience gets to see how people respond differently to the different things being said on stage. The person next to you will laugh at something that you’d never think of laughing at, and you’ll get a glimpse into all the different ways of viewing the world. Unfortunately, so much theater today is less nuanced. It gives you a large dose of one way of thinking, in hopes of getting as many of the same type of people into the theater as possible."
12:39 paintdeath:

Egon Schiele
12:20 art-camilla:

upside down self portrait from sketchbook
pen, watercolours
12:19 sand-groper:


12:17 I found a random rainbow a few months ago
10:34 art-camilla:

White Sky
illustration for Above Water 2014