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22:03 our ten-day table
22:00 clouds from an aeroplane over france
i leave the country tonight
15:09 0rient-express:

Untitled | by DeborahLeca | Tumblr
17:59 greuze:

Pompeo Batoni, Apollo and Two Muses (Detail), 1741
excerpt from a short story i am working on

Darkness from the high windows swallowed everything around them but they, two quiet clay dolls, were caught by the soft light illuminating them like a stage. Marinda liked this part, bringing her and her father together, their paths merging for an hour at the end of a day alone. He always had deep creases around his mouth as he sipped his red wine. She loved the serious way in which he ate, bringing his fork to his mouth as if taking a last breath or beginning a piano sonata.

11:39 vuls:

 ”The Hand”
11:38 adorus:

untitled by posternaks on Flickr.